How to join our Local Committee

Are you sitting at your desk covered with books? Are you studying for upcoming short tests, tests and are you slowly sick of it?

Our Association comes to the rescue!

IFMSA-Poland is an international association which gathers all medical students. It doesn’t matter what year of study you are in, whether you’re just getting started or you’re an old hand. There is something for everyone!

Creative people, energetic workshops and training, and extraordinary projects are the things that characterise IFMSA.

If you can’t stay long in one place, you have thousands of ideas in your head and are just waiting for the opportunity to realise them, here we are!

Let’s join forces and take studying to a  brand new, higher level! An unforgettable adventure, great friendships and trips to the world's farthest corners await.

Join Us and start today!

How to do it? Just follow the instructions below:

1. Register on our website!
Once you register, your account needs to be activated by the LC Secretary (it shouldn't take more than 2 working days), and then you can 
log in to your IFMSA account. After logging in, click on the verification link for your e-mail. Check your e-mail inbox and you are set to go!

 2. Pay the membership fee - PLN 60 (for all the academic year). You can do it by instant bank transfer via the Dotpay platform or by bank transfer via the website of your bank – payment should be made on the following bank account: 

Recipient: Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Studentów Medycyny IFMSA-Poland 

 ul. Oczki 1A 02-007 Warszawa

Account number: 

62 1600 1462 1713 5175 9000 0020


Transfer title: FIRST NAME, SURNAME, MEMBERSHIP FEE, ACADEMIC YEAR (f. e. 2023/2024)

3. Join Our Facebook group: Członkowie IFMSA-Poland Oddział Bydgoszcz



Congratulations, you’ve paid the fee and become a full-fledged member of the IFMSA-Poland LC Bydgoszcz! From now on you can participate in Our actions!


Brak dyżurów w najbliższym czasie.